Find interesting people to do just about any kind of activity with you.

Now available in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Popular activities to do with a Sidekick
    Popular activities to do with a Sidekick
  • Why you should book a Sidekick

    Explore new places

    If you don't have someone to go with you, don't stay at home by yourself, now you can bring a Sidekick with you.

    Get a second opinion

    Find someone to give you fashion advice, feedback on your business, or help you with a tough decision.

    Be more active

    Find a running partner, someone to go to a concert with, the last member of your board game night, and more.

    Make new friends

    Meet all kinds of people with a variety of interests and backgrounds. Find exactly who you need using filters.

    Build confidence

    Get help polishing your social skills in a non judgemental way and finally become a social butterfly.

    Make an impression

    Don't be the only person without a +1 at your company party. Bring a Sidekick with you to your next social event.

  • Frequently asked questions
    +What is Sidekick?
    Have you ever wanted to go out and try something new, but didn't because you felt anxious about going alone? Have you ever needed to talk to someone, but couldn't?

    There are times when we could all use a Sidekick to help us through a rough patch and get us up and out and experiencing the world. That's why we're here, so you always do.

    Introducing, Sidekick, a new service that helps you find people to do activities with who are interested in the same things that you are.

    Think of your Sidekick as an activity partner, an advisor, and kind of like a therapist.
    +How do I book a Sidekick?
    • Choose an activity from the header bar to search nearby Sidekicks who are interested in doing that activity with you.
    • View profiles to learn more about them and see if you share similar interests.
    • If you're ready to book your Sidekick, send them a booking request.
    • If you're not sure yet, ask them a question and send a booking request when ready.
    • Your Sidekick will review your request, message you back with any comments or questions, and then accept or decline your booking within 72 hours.
    • If your Sidekick accepts, meet at the agreed upon time and enjoy the activity together.
    +What should I expect from a booking?
    After finalizing plans with your Sidekick, meet with them in person for some quality conversation and activities together for the time period that you've booked.

    You're welcome to take the lead on what you'd like to do or where you'd like to go during your time with your Sidekick, but please note that participation in any activity is purely at the discretion of your Sidekick and that this is not a dating service.

    If you have any questions about your booking, please email us at
    +Can I book a Sidekick for free?
    Not at the moment.

    It takes time and money for your Sidekick to meet with you. The hourly rate helps our Sidekicks earn a living and covers expenses like transportation.

    The payment also makes things more convenient for you, unless you'd rather swipe left and right all day.
    +What are the rules?
    • You must be at least 18 years or older.
    • You must comply with all local laws.
    • You must be kind and respectful towards all Sidekicks.
    • You must comply with our terms of service and privacy policy.
    • Sidekick is NOT a dating or escorting service. Any report of inappropriate behavior will result in your account being banned.
    +How do I cancel my booking?
    Email within 8 hours of your start time to cancel your booking.

    Please include your name, your Sidekick's name, your reason for cancellation, and any other important details.

    If it's within 8 hours of your start time, we will only issue a refund if your Sidekick also approves your refund request.
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